About Us

About Us

What is Osage?

Osage is a type of tree, also known as Bois d’Arc, Hedge, Horseapple or Osage Orange. This tree grows throughout the central and eastern United States, as well as Europe. The color of the wood is a beautiful, bright royal yellow, reminding one of a stunning sunrise, but on prolonged exposure to the sun, changes to a deep, rich, chocolate brown. This wood is extremely durable, naturally impervious to the weather, insects, and time. Yet, it can be worked by hand to produce a bow that is flexible, fast, and powerful. Fence posts made with Osage by the pioneers of the United States are still in use today, with little or no deterioration. These pioneers and early settlers of North America discovered to their dismay just how powerful and strong were the bows made of Osage by Native Americans.

What is the Osage International Consulting Group?

Our consulting practice delivers to our clients services with similar characteristics. These services are impervious to time, to the natural entropy that occurs in this world, and to the attacks of challenges and problems. They are impervious to time in the context of these are not “feel good” services. They impact who you are and what you do in your role. They create permanent change and provide a foundation for more growth and development, if you so desire. Because the changes are permanent, they withstand challenges and problems. Actually problems and challenges enhance these changes, in a similar way that weight lifting builds muscles.

We believe that all of us desire to evolve to the grandest version of the greatest vision we have ever held of who we are. Our services powerfully impact that process, as demonstrated in profound improvements in results and the ease in which they are accomplished. The effect on the client and the client’s organization is that they become stronger, quicker, and more powerful in producing on their visions and commitments.

We currently provide the following services and programs:

This service goes far beyond what is provided in normal training and education processes. It is best described as a combination of “Trusted Advisor and Coach”. If you are committed to being your personal best, this is for you. Imagine combining Ancient Wisdom + Modern Science + Practical Tools.

This program delivers a foundation for development of key personnel in your organization to have breakthroughs in both personal contribution and team effectiveness. In addition, it provides you, the leader, with straight feedback and practical recommendations concerning your leadership style and effectiveness. An excellent way to verify how aligned your key people are with your vision, strategy, and tactics.

A service to assist you in the selection and screening process of candidates to fill critical roles in your company. This program dramatically reduces the risk of getting the wrong person in a critical position in the company.

We provide support and council to optimize outcomes in strategic negotiations. If the outcome is important to you and your organization, you will find great value from this service.

This program provides an easy to use structure that allows you and your team to focus and be tough on the issues (problems), while being gentle on the people (the real solution to the issues and problems). Move from conflict, criticism, and fault finding to partnership with your team. You will be astonished at the improvements you achieve in what you really care about – results.