One-On-One Coaching and Education Service

CEO and Senior Executive One On One Coaching and Education Serv

” A Trusted Advisor and Coach “

 One-on-One Coaching and Education Service

This service goes far beyond what is provided in normal training and education processes. It is best described as a combination of “Trusted Advisor and Coach”. If you are committed to being your personal best, this is for you.

Why Would I Want A Coach?

When we look at an Olympic athlete who wins a gold medal, we know that they have managed to go beyond where others have stopped. They are the best in the world at what they do. One thing we know for sure about them is that they have a great coach. No matter how committed or talented the athlete, they would not even consider being in the game without a coach. So why should you, the owner or CEO of your company have a coach? For the very same reason, to become the very best you can be. What do you look for in a coach? What characteristics assure that your “coach” will, in fact, contribute to the success of you and your organization. Here is a short list of the characteristics to look for:

  • They are seasoned and experienced in business in their own life
  • They seem to understand us and like us
  • They are consistent- we can always depend on them
  • They always aid us in seeing things from a fresh perspective
  • They have a sense of humor to diffuse our tension in difficult situations
  • They are smart
  • They help us put our issues in context, often through the use of metaphors, stories and anecdotes
  • They help us think things through; they don’t substitute their judgment for ours
  • They don’t pull punches
  • They are in it for the long haul; their commitment to us is more important than the current issue
  • They always have our best interests at heart
  • They challenge our assumptions (help us think and separate our logic from our emotions)
  • They listen to everything we say and don’t say

A coach is not concerned or attached to how you feel in any given moment. A coach typically encourages you to go past what is comfortable for you. It is predictable that at times you will not be happy with doing the “exercises” that lead to world class performance in your business. A coach is the person who remembers for you and reminds you of your vision and commitments when you forget. Your coach believes in you and your greatness when you only see what looks like inadequacy or insufficiency. A coach has to be able to focus on you, not themselves. A coach will tell you the truth, whether you like it or not. They know when to push, when to console, when to listen, when to speak, and when to act. The relationship that evolves and develops can be one of the most satisfying and fulfilling possible, but it has only one purpose- that you produce on your visions and commitments.