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Be the Grandest Version of Who You Are

Osage International Consulting Group

Our consulting practice delivers services to our clients that are impervious to time, to the natural entropy that occurs in this world, and to the attacks of challenges and problems. We believe that all of us desire to evolve to the grandest version of the greatest vision we have ever held of who we are. Our services powerfully impact that process of you and your organization becoming your collective best, as demonstrated in profound improvements in results and the ease in which they are accomplished. The effect on you and your organization is that you become stronger, quicker, and more powerful in producing on your visions and commitments.

 Henry also provides practical Freight Railroad Consulting based on his extensive experience in Mechanical & Operating disciplines starting from entry level roles and rising to the top executive leadership positions. Practical, specific knowledge and experience.

Current Services and Programs Offered:

 One-on-One Coaching and Education Service

Key Personnel Assessment Program KPAP©

Key Candidate Interview Service KCIS©

Strategic Negotiations Service

Performance Review Implementation Program PRIP©

Organization Strategic Planning